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Elle here! Co-founder and the “Mirsky” to Mirsky + Morgan. I have been in the entrepreneurship game for quite some time. I’ve had success and failure and I've witnessed enough trial and error to know I am exactly where I need to be at this exact moment. My first business was BOLD Magazine, a digital and print publication that filled a void for inclusivity in the fashion and publishing industry. That phase of my entrepreneurial journey led me to other amazing endeavors that allowed me to better understand running a business.


At a young age I was able to help my grandmother run a family business and that was my first introduction and lesson in entrepreneurship. While I have always known what my purpose was, I always tried to block it and do other things. But as many of you know, the universe leads you exactly where you need to be and at the time you need to be there. And here I am, doing exactly what I was intended to do, help people. It took many many many many years, but the time and wait was well worth it.


Today, I run a multidimensional wellness company, J.U.N.K. JUST UTILIZING NATURE’S KROPS where I help people transition to a healthier lifestyle though food, movement, and rituals of self-care; and now being Co-founder of Mirsky + Morgan with my sistah friend of like 20 years, Michelle. The concept of MM has been something we have been sitting on and revisiting for the past 10 years; trying to figure out exactly how we can assist other black women looking to start a business or side hustle.


I couldn’t ask for a better partner and I look forward to all the lives we can change,because we are here to make major marks and change lives. Ciao for now!!! 


Hey, my name is Michelle Morgan and I am the co-founder of Mirsky + Morgan (if my last name didn’t give it away).  I’ve been a side-hustler since 2010. I got started with creating side hustles for myself after I graduated from college. It started out as a way to earn extra money while I looked for a “real” job and to add experience to my resume that I otherwise wasn’t getting because I didn’t have the job. You know the saying:  If you had the experience, you could get the job, but you need the job to get experience. And 10 years later, I still side hustle.  And I’ve had a side hustle throughout all of my “real” jobs. I’ve done everything from social media marketing, to writing resumes to collecting bottles and cans. If I haven’t actually done the side hustle myself, I know something about it.  


And it was my love of side hustling that allowed me to develop another passion in personal finances. I became an avid student of all things personal finances related once I had a flow with my extra earnings. Debt management, credit score raising, investing, saving; if it had something to do with my money, you best believe I was reading up on it, studying or watching a dumbed-down video so I could better understand it. I learned early on that money is a tool and the better we understand how to manage the money we earn more wisely, the more options we open to ourselves.  


I think that’s one of the veins of Mirsky + Morgan; options. Black women are so damn creative and passionate and inventive that it’s almost hurtful that we rarely get any sort of funding to build our businesses and ventures.  We really have to build our dreams on our own because this society is definitely not designed for us or with us and in mind. And this society hardly wants to see us succeed. But with more money options to fund our dreams, the higher we can reach.  And I am so excited to be a part of this journey with my dearest friend who I’ve known for over 15 years!  


And we’re excited to share this journey with other black women like ourselves.

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Raleigh, NC

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