Mirsky + Morgan
 Micro-Grant Application

Micro-grant offerings for business owners and aspiring business owners. For black women by black women.

Micro-grant is $250

What age range do you fall under?
Do you have any partners with this business/project/venture?
How long has it taken you to get this business started from the time of conception to something tangible?
What were some of you biggest struggle in starting this business concept?
Do you feel like you are still struggling to get your business off the ground or stabilize it so it can be profitable?
What financial resources have you already tapped into to start your business?
Have you applied for a business loan?
When you applied for a business loan, did you receive funding?
If selected as the recipient of the Mirsky + Morgan micro-grant, would we have your permission to promote your company/business/venture/ project on our social media platforms, including the use of your logo?

Thank you so much for you time answering our questions.  Once you have submitted your answers, we will be reviewing and selecting the recipient of the Mirsky + Morgan grant.  If you are awarded this grant, you cannot reapply for another 12 calendar months from the time of your application.  If you were not awarded the grant, you may reapply as many times as you like as long as the grant is being offered.  We wish you much success! 

Please click: to the link to pay the $7.00 administrative fee for your application. 

Don't want to apply, but want to support? Contribute to the Mirsky + Morgan Micro-Grant below!

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