Q:  How do you pick the Mirsky + Morgan Grant?

A:  We carefully read and score each application thoroughly; and select who has demonstrated the most need for the M+M grant.   


Q:  Who selects grant recipients?

A:  Our founders, Elissa Mirsky and Michelle Morgan currently select the grant winners. 


Q: Why do you charge an application fee?

A. The fee makes the grant and operation of the site possible.


Q: If I apply once and don’t receive a grant am I automatically enrolled for the next month?

A. You will need to apply for every period the M+M grant is offered if you were not selected as the grant recipient. If you have received a grant, you have to wait one calendar year before you can reapply for a grant. 


Q: Do I need a website to apply?

A. No, but it will be helpful if you can provide us with a website and/or social media links to your business. 


Q: What are your social media accounts?

A. You can find us on the social sites below. We look forward to connecting with you.


Facebook Page



Q: Are non-profits eligible?

A. Non-profits are not eligible for Mirsky + Morgan grants.


Q: What types of businesses do you select as winners?   

A. We don’t focus on one specific industry or sector. We are here to help black women Plant, Grow, and Thrive! 


Q: What criteria do you use to select a winner?

A:  We hope applicants will provide us with enough information to make a sound decision; however, we will do our own research. We look for passion, purpose, and vision, along with some business savvy and an ability to make us believers in what you believe in. 


Q: Is the Mirsky + Morgan only for US-based businesses?

A:  Businesses operating in the US are eligible for our grants. We will announce when we open to other countries. 

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